Great Living Sources provides a holistic approach to disaster survival, so you can thrive during any event

Great Living Sources is a service-disabled veteran-owned company. Everything we do is centered around emergency and disaster readiness by making learning fun.

We specialize in:

  • Emergency Readiness Preparedness
  • Team Building
  • Readiness Classes
  • Family and Children Outings
  • Geospatial Support
Disaster can strike at any time. According to FEMA’s records the 3-year average number of disasters has increased 665% since 1953.* The average number of disasters from 1953-1955 was 48. The average number of disasters from 2015-2017 was 319.
[* – FEMA’s records only go back to 1953. No information was available prior to 1953.]
Our Goal
Our goal is to help our clients control the fear associated with emergencies or disasters. Fear can never be completely eliminated, but fear can be controlled, instead of fear controlling you.
Our focus is to provide vital holistic readiness and preparation skills, and techniques that will not overwhelm you, are easy to use and understand.
What We Do
We provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to emergency and disaster readiness. We do not believe the only way to be prepared is to buy a bunch of supplies and storing them until a disaster strikes.
The first step in being ready (prepared) is to have a plan. The plan should be comprehensive and holistic. That is, it covers everything necessary in being ready for an emergency or a disaster. This includes spiritual, mental and physical skills.
Each person has 3 components a spiritual component, a mental component, and a physical component. Picture these 3 components as a sphere with the spiritual sphere on the bottom and the mental and physical spheres centered on top. Where these 3 spheres intersects a diamond-shape is created. This diamond-shape area is what we call “The Core of Calm (R)”.
“The Core of Calm (R)” is that point where you are perfectly balanced. When disaster strikes this is where you want to be. Our goal at Great Living Sources is to help you achieve this balance. When you do you will be able to remain balanced no matter what chaos is going on around you.
How We Achieve This
To enable you to achieve this state of readiness we offer:
  • Readiness Plans
  • Site Selection Reports
  • Site Evaluation Reports
  • Survival Readiness Skill Classes (Lecture and Hands-on)
  • Family and Children Outings

Emergencies and disasters are serious and scary, but that does not mean learning how to be ready for them has to be. Our classes are designed to get you the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive during a disaster, while being fun and entertaining.


GL Snodgrass (aka GL Skye) is a Geospatial Information Systems Professional (GISP). He was formally trained as a geospatial analyst with 29 years of geospatial experience. He was the Disaster Relief Chairman in Bad Kreuznach Germany for 4 years, interacting between the American Red Cross, the US Army, and the local government officials. His personal and professional journey has inspired him to share his knowledge with others. Most of his life he spent outside camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking. Both during his leisure time and his time in the military.

His focus as a geospatial analyst is to bring a different approach and perspective to readiness preparation and techniques. At Great Living Sources, we approach “survival techniques” with a holistic approach (We call it ‘The Core of Calm’ ™). Core of Calm is that point where the human physical, mental and spiritual components intersect, where all things are in balance

Instead of being Prepared be Ready. We believe there is a big difference between the these two. It is our opinion that folks Prepare due to fear of something bad happening to them or those they care about. This usually means folks are prepared for a specific event.

For us being Ready means we are able to handle whatever happens, whenever it happens. The fear element is under our control, instead of us being under fear’s control.

Let us work with you

We want to help you be ready for any eventuality you may find yourself. Whether you face a natural disaster or a human-influenced calamity will provide you with a comprehensive and holistic plan to safely get you and those you care about through any emergency or disaster.

Allow us to work with you to provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and those you care about will be safe.

Click the button below to schedule a free 30-minute no-obligation Skype session with our experts. Our specialists will consult with you and provide you with the information you need to get ready for any possible emergency or disaster.

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GL Skye (pen name of GL Snodgrass), is a retired warrant officer with 25 years of service in the Army. His stories are a unique blend of fiction and reality that come together to produce a book that seems like it could be front-page news. His military experience has led him around the world, interacting with people from other nations and cultures. His expertise in geography and earth science along with an understanding of multi-cultures, which served him well in his military service. Now that experience helps him in his writing. The stories are adrenaline fueled, action-packed adventures. His characters are realistic and believable as are their dealings with the situations in which they find themselves. The handling of these situations is the true heart of his books. The scenarios found in his books can be applied to real-world situations and the lessons his characters learn can be applied to real-life scenarios. His stories focus on the positive side rather than dwelling on the negative.

An avid reader himself, it was not surprising he in turn began to write. His books depict his unique blend of writing. He is working on sequels to his books (Return to Life and Texas Border Trouble),  a third “The World – Reset” is in the works, as are several non-fiction survival manuals.

 GL Skye was born in Frankfort, Indiana. He resides now in south-central Kentucky with his wife and dog, Onyx. An avid outdoorsman he continues to enjoy hunting, camping, hiking, and fishing in his “free time”.

Purchase his books on Amazon, Kindle or his Online Store. 

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