I am totally committed to empowering you to achieve a way of life that is sustainable and self-reliant. A self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle leads to Self-Empowerment, creating a daily life that is full of joy, fulfilling, and abundance.

GL Snodgrass is a GIS expert; formally trained as a geospatial analyst with over 29 years of experience. He is a writer, his readers know him as GL Skye, and speaker. As a retired warrant officer, he has traveled the world, and met many interesting people of all nationalities. He was the Disaster Relief Chairman in Bad Kreuznach Germany for 3 years, interacting between the American Red Cross, the US Army, and the local government officials. His personal and professional journey has inspired him to share his knowledge with others.

GL Snodgrass

Emergency Readiness Consultant

His Goals

His focus as a geospatial analyst is to bring a different approach and perspective to readiness tactics. At Great Living Sources, we approach “survival techniques” with a holistic approach (We call it ‘The Core of Calm’ ™). Core of Calm is that point where the human physical, mental and spiritual intersect, where all things are in balance.

As an author, he brings a unique perspective to his readers. His fiction books have a unique blend of fiction and reality. The scenarios in his books are realistic, providing the reader one possible solution to events they could encounter.

He resides now in south-central Kentucky with his wife, Angela, and their dog, Onyx.

An avid outdoorsman he continues to enjoy hunting, camping, hiking, and fishing in his “free time”.

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I was born in Indiana but consider Kentucky home. I grew up working on a farm and in the garden. Much of what I know I learned from my grandfather – a lifelong farmer. I have baled hay and straw, fed silage to cattle, detasseled corn, worked on a hog farm; I have done just about every job there is to do on a farm. I have cut and chopped wood, worked in a log woods, and trimmed trees along power lines.

I have always loved the outdoors. Whenever possible you could always find me on a creek bank with my fishing pole, tackle box and a blanket. This was my “standard issue” camping gear. I did not have a tent or other camping items until I was in my late teens. Even after I could afford such “luxury” items, I hardly ever used them. I enjoyed sleeping out under the stars.

Sleeping under the stars becomes very interesting when you wake up in the middle of the night eyeball-to-eyeball with a cow. However, that is how I grew up, so it was normal for me. 😊

Being independent is not new to me – it has been my way of life, my whole life. I have always been a “lone wolf” type of person.

The challenge in being a lone wolf is learning to work and live with others. My 25 years in the Army helped me to overcome this challenge. During my time in the Army I learned how to become part of a group – a team. As I moved up the ranks, I learned how to be a leader. The Army helped me to fine tune my survival skills and was a great experience for me.

I learned survival, stalking and obstacle skills as a Calvary Scout. I learned building, demolition, and how to emplace obstacles as a Construction Supervisor. I learned how to analyze, create plans and reports and strategize as a Geospatial Engineer. I even learned important life skills as a recruiter. I learned how to meet new people, develop sales and marketing strategies.

I also learned how to help people. To me, my greatest accomplishment while I was recruiting was getting 20 students who had dropped out, back in school. Of those 20 I know at least 18 graduated.  At 18, I knew everything – consequently I quit school the second semester of my senior year. I went back to high school and graduated two years later. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree about 10 years later while on active duty.

A lot of water has passed under that bridge since then. The experiences I have had in my life has taught me how to empower you to build a life that is sustainable. A life that will enable you to be less dependent on external resources. All I ask is to allow me to pass on what I have learned.

Awards and Recognition

Bronze Star

Meritorious Service Medal (2)

Joint Service Commendation Medal

Army Commendation Medal (3)

Army Achievement Medal (7)

Kosovo Campaign Medal w/bronze service star

Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

Humanitarian Service Award

Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal

Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon (3)

Over Seas Service Ribbon (3)

NATO Medal

Letter of Recognition (NGA)(Iraq) Operation New Dawn

Certificate of Achievement (2/82 Bde AAB) (Iraq)

Certificate of Appreciation (2/82 Bde AAB) (Iraq)

Certificate of Appreciation (4/3 Bde AAB) (Iraq)


Key Projects

  • POTUS Project (OIF)
  • Special Operation Plans
  • Euphrates and Tigris River Study
  • 55 Country Studies