Are you and your family ready for an event?

The Readiness plan is an in-depth contingency plan designed by an expert Geospatial Analyst and Army Veteran with over 25 years of experience in surviving and thriving during extreme adverse situations. The plan is based on your precise circumstances whether its an earthquake, tornado or a rupture of a natural gas pipe; you will receive an actionable plan based your requirements with details on what you need to do before, during and after any event.  The plan includes:

  • Types of essential survival items (e.g. food, water and clothing)
  • Evaluation of potential geographical dangers based on perceived danger and scenario
  • Suggested local and out of town shelter
  • Suggestions for alternative energy sources
  • Healthcare suggestion for those with medical needs
  • Protection recommendations based on site surroundings
  • Social and spiritual resilience during times of long-term adversity, and
  • much more

Site Maps and additional material costs may apply

Product Description

Plans Available for Individual or Family

Basic Emergency Readiness Plan

Advance Emergency Readiness Plan

Ultimate Emergency Readiness Plan

Emergency Readiness Plan

The purpose of a Readiness Plan is to provide exact, detailed information and actions
that need to be taken in order to survive an emergency or crisis situation. It is thought
out before they event to ensure a logical and thoughtful solution without the
complications of stress that occur during this type of situations.

Importance of an Emergency Readiness Plan

A Readiness Plan is something that everyone can agree on before an event, and
rehearse in order to build “muscle memory” before the event occurs. The muscle
memory will enable you to take actions during a stressful situation without conscious
thought. The Readiness Plan is a “living document” that is improved upon after every
rehearsal honing or refining the plan so that when an event occurs it will get everyone
through the event safely.

An Emergency Readiness Plan should include

The information in the Readiness Plan should be very detailed. It should tell every
exactly what they should do before, during and after an event. It should tell them where
they should go, what they should bring with them, and an estimation of the events

Emergency Readiness Plan

The Readiness Plan should contain everything each person should know to survive any
type of event. The skills everyone should know, and how to execute these critical skills.

Emergency Readiness Plan Cost

What an Emergency Readiness Plan Includes

An Emergency Readiness Plan for an individual or family cost is $200 for a Basic Plan. The Basic plan includes:

  • 2 Skype or in person conferences (location dependent)
  • actions needed prior, during and after an event
  • description of potential secondary dangers
  • Skype or phone follow-up (answer questions, etc)
  • Email follow-up

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    The readiness plan Guy provided me and my family has eliminated all doubt and anxiety I had prior to being fully prepared. As a Bay Area resident, being prepared for the “big one” is imperative. The readiness plan he provided includes site maps, an analysis on how much damage we should expect depending on the size of the earthquake, we now have a detailed list of survival items we need and how much based on the size of our family; including our dog. We have detailed routes on how to get to a safer location and much much more. This plan is so thorough it provides information you (as a non-expert) would never think of. This is the most important investment we’ve ever made for our family!

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