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Major Disasters – Lessons Learned


Learn about the destruction, chaos, lack of preparedness, and the reality that comes after the storm, with the response of humanity. Major Disasters: Lessons Learned is a fast paced, information packed book to help you avoid becoming an “accidental victim” by learning from the mistakes of others.

“Please do not think you are prepared unless you truly are – but know this – in my more than ten years of responding, I have never met anyone in a disaster site who was.”

Product Description

Major Disasters Lessons Learned

Major Disasters Lessons Learned

Major Disasters Lessons Learned is a book about being ready for a disaster and the chaos that accompanies a disaster from a crisis first responder’s point of view.

Disaster Preparedness

Being ready for major disasters or any disaster means being self-reliant.  Natural disasters continue to increase across the globe. To ensure the safety of those you care about you need to have a plan and be prepared. Do not be one of the ones that has to stand in long lines waiting on supplies that may or may not arrive.

Being Ready

Being ready does not mean we have to live in fear of something happening. In fact it is quite the opposite. If we are ready for something the fear of it is diminished. Facing the fact that a disaster could happen and taking steps to counter that threat is smart. Major disasters happen all the time. The question you need to ask yourself is will I be ready?

There are many ways to be ready for a major disaster you just have to be willing to prepare yourself and those you care about.

Number 1 reason folks do not prepare

#1 “Nothing had ever happened here so why bother?”

Almost every location on the surface of the planet has experienced a natural disaster at some point. If you have insurance for your vehicle or home, but have never had to make a claim, why bother? Being prepared is similar to having insurance, it only takes one event for you to realize that having insurance was a necessity. The same is true with being ready for a disaster. It only takes one event to change your world. Not having insurance may not devastate you, but what if someone you love or care about dies or is seriously injured because they were not ready? When disaster strikes it can absolutely have a life altering impact on you.


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