A Night in the Woods

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A Night in the Woods

Readiness Planning

Three friends plan a trip along a 210-mile section of the Appalachian Trail. In preparation for their adventure they secure the items they need, take classes in skills they will need and generally do everything they need to do in order to be ready.

At the last minute, something changes. This change threatens to throw everything out of balance.

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A Night in the Woods

A Night in the Woods

Author: GL Snodgrass (GL Skye)

Publishing Company: GL Skye Publishing

A Night in the Woods


This book is a story of how an innocent hiking trip became more of a “survival” situation.

Three friends have been planning a week long backpacking trip along the Appalachia Trail. For the last two years, Wyatt, Haywood, and Jared have worked out and practiced their hiking and camping skills off and on as work allowed. As the time for their trip approached, they continued to refine their plan to traverse the trail. The excitement and anticipation continued to build until the day finally arrives.


The plan is to traverse 210-miles of the Appalachian Trail in a week. The three friends have requested two weeks off, so they have enough time to arrive at their start point, get their gear together, and have a day or two to recover after they have finished. Finally, the day of their grand adventure arrives.

They all meet up to begin their two-vehicle convoy. During the planning, the friends arranged to have one of their vehicles delivered to the other end of the trail where they plan to end their journey.

They have planned the trip, as best they could. Anticipating and devising a course of action for every eventuality they think could possibly see happening.

What this book explains

The three main characters in this book Wyatt, Haywood and Jared, have done “all the right things” in order to prepare for their week long adventure.

Identified Skills and Equipment they would need

They evaluated they identified the skills they would need to have for their trip. They took classes to ensure they had the skills they identified they would need. They identified the food and equipment they would require for their journey and packed appropriately.

Planned their logistics

They have planned everything logistically, where they will park, how they will get back to their vehicles once they reach the end of their journey. They worked on their physical fitness so they would be in shape to make the journey. Everything was going to plan – until a last minute change threw a crowbar into the machinery of their plan.


Even when we plan every little detail one small change – perhaps one that appears insignificant can throw everything out of balance. How we are able to deal with this change can literally be the difference between life and disaster.

Knowing what to do and how to adapt to change is a crucial part in dealing with any calamity. Creating calm from chaos is something we must be able to do if we are to survive.

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