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GL Skye Publishing is an independent publishing company focused on helping authors traverse the pitfalls on the road to their writing success. The road to a fulfilling writing career is lined with obstacles and pitfalls, determined to prevent an author’s success. We are currently accepting queries in the following genres:

Novels – adventure, action, historical, historical romance, mainstream, mystery, romantic suspense, hard science fiction, police, political, suspense, thriller, true crime, legal, psychological and most others. We do not accept erotica.

Non-fiction – economics, history, military, nature, political, psychology, science, and self-publishing, writing.

GL Skye Publishing Authors

GL Skye

You can find his books at GL Skye Books.

Eve Gonzales

Eve Gonzales is the founder of “Caring Hearts” and “Trading Post In The Woods” She has a passion to help others. When she’s not guest speaking around the U.S. she enjoys spending time at home in Southern GA with her husband two children and their many animals.

You can find her books at Eve Gonzales Books

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The owner of GL Skye Publishing is an author (GL Skye), so he understands the trials and tribulations of getting your manuscript published into your book. The owner’s first experience in publishing his books was fraught with frustration and heartache. Not to mention extremely costly in both time and money. His second attempt was somewhat better but ended when the publishing company’s CEO was charged with embezzlement and extortion. The company closed its doors leaving him with his books, but no way to publish them. These experiences led him to start his own publishing company. He wanted to help prevent other authors from facing the same experiences he did. His belief is in helping other authors is so strong he put his own name on the line. The pen name of the owner is GL Skye.


The mission of GL Skye Publishing is to provide authors the assistance and guidance they need to take their manuscript to a published book.

How we do this

We accomplish our mission by providing helpful assistance from the start of the publishing cycle to its completion – your very own book. As an author, you have labored long and hard creating your manuscript. Now that it is complete, we will get it transformed into your book.


We will have your manuscript edited by our professional editors to refine your manuscript, so it is ready to be formatted into your book.


We select (or help you to select) the format structure best suited for your manuscript. Some publishing companies add a lot of spaces or make the font very large to add pages to your book. They do this, so they can charge you and your readers more for the book. Normally, the amount you are charged to publish your book is based on the number of pages in your book. The same is true in how they price your book for your readers. The more pages the book contains, the more a reader would have to pay for your book. Very few, if any, will want to purchase your book if it costs too much. The same is true if the format of the book makes it thick, but only contains a few words per page.

From the beginning to the end we will be completely honest and up front with you. The price we charge is our cost plus 5%. This is a flat rate with no tricks or gimmicks. The costs involved in getting your book published are the cost of editing the manuscript, the ISBN, and graphic art for the cover [Note: additional charges will be required if graphics are needed inside the book.] If you already have a graphic for your cover (as long as you own the copyrights for it) and wish to use it for your book cover you can. The ISBN is required to provide a copyright for your book. Your book’s copyright belongs to you. The 5% is to cover our operating costs.


Once the editing and formatting is completed on your manuscript it is then assembled into your book. The assembling process includes the book cover, author bio and picture (if desired), and the brief description about the book.

File Review and Proof Your Book

After your book is complete we do a file review to ensure all of the components are correct and fit together perfectly. After the file review you are sent a proof that illustrates exactly how your book will appear.


We offer the widest possible distribution. After you have reviewed and approved your book’s proof it is setup for distribution. Your book will be available for purchase on Amazon in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. Your book is made available to public libraries, elementary/secondary libraries, as well as libraries at other academic institutions. You book is also available to independent bookstores and to on/offline bookstores (aka brick and mortar stores) at wholesale prices.

Tracking and Marketing

We will tack your sales and provide a quarterly report (once every three months). Your royalty payment will be sent quarterly as well for any sales within the quarter. We do not set a minimum amount for your royalty payments like many other publishing companies require. We offer you, the author, the most royalty possible. Most publishing companies require anywhere from 8% to 15% of the book’s royalties. We charge a flat 5%. The author receives 95% of the books royalties.


We are as straight up as we can be. We will not hide anything from you. There are no extra fees, no surprises. We treat you as we want to be treated.

Contact Us

If you have an unpublished manuscript just begging to become the next best-selling book, email us. We will send you a non-disclosure agreement to protect you, as well as us. The non-disclosure agreement is basically an agreement between us that states we will not discuss your manuscript with anyone without your express written consent. You worked had to complete your manuscript and we respect that. Too often author’s works are being stolen by others. We will never disclose the content of your manuscript to anyone.

Email or contact us today to start your journey on a fulfilling and rewarding career as a published author.



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Founder’s Name GL Snodgrass (GL Skye)
Year Founded 2015
eBook or Print? Both
Do your charge for any services? Yes, cost plus 5%


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